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Allo…! Moisturising Face Cream

This is my latest venture, made in small batches at home in Norwich, and I am really pleased with it.

Allo…! is a lovely light cream, with a delicate perfume and are three choices:

  • Rose and lavender - lots of genuine rose absolute and a little lavender

  • Lemongrass and sandalwood - fresh and reviving

  • Unfragranced - great if you want to add a few drops of you own favourite perfume or oil fragrances

This cream contains lovely all-natural ingredients -  shea butter, aloe vera gel, rose and orange blossom water, rose-hip seed oil, vitamin E oil, glycerine and essential oils for fragrance. It has a little bit of preservative so it keeps well too and is vegan, contained in aluminium tins to minimise non-recyclable waste.

I don't make this often but I do try and make a batch before Christmas as it makes a great gift. When I have some it is on my Etsy shop 



If you'd like some please send an email and I'll let you know when I make more. Cost is £10 for a tin of 40 grams and postage is £3.50


The postage would cover several pots (Royal Mail, small parcel) so you can order one or several at no extra cost.


This makes a super gift for someone you love, and you'll be supporting a small business too!

The lovely branding was designed by Thea Beare-Gotterson who has impeccable taste and a sharp eye for beautiful things. You can get in touch with Thea if you want via her instagram account. She graduated with a first class degree in graphic design from UWE and is very good at what she does.

Thea Beare-Gotterson


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