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Parchment roses are decorative elements used to enhance harpsichords, clavichords, baroque guitars and other early musical instruments. Traditionally these roses are hand punched and cut from genuine parchment made from kid or goat skin.


I have adapted/modernised these techniques so my roses are made using archive quality mold-made, heavy-weight paper. I draw the designs myself using Adobe Illustrator and cut the layers using a laser cutter. The roses are then assembled entirely by hand, using traditional techniques, adhesives and size and they are sometimes lavishly gilded with genuine gold leaf.


All the roses that I have available at present are  for sale on my Etsy shop (link below). If you cannot see what you want there or require a different size please get in touch by email (  I am  happy to take on commisions or new designs, subject to negotaing the work involved.

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