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'For Her Good Estate' by Francis Underhill, is the biography of Elizabeth de Burgh, Lady of Clare, a 14th century noblewoman of the East of England. The book is republished to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the founding of Clare College, which this remarkable woman funded. (Published by Moonwort Press, 2020)
The first image shows a diagram of the tiny, solid silver seal that is held in a safe at Clare College. It is only a few centimetres tall and so much detail has been packed into a very small area - fourteen human figures, three shields, elaborate gothic architecture, text and ornamentation! 
'Uncle John's Weird Weird World Epic' published by the Bathroom Reader's Institute (USA). The book won the 2016 Benjamin Franklin gold medal for the Humor category with a mention of the 'eye popping' illustrations. I was brought in to illustrate the book by Duncan Youle at Oil Often.
These were so trippy to do, beginning with how to hypnotise a chicken in 5 easy steps and ending with a man being economical with the truth in darkened room pulling on the tail of a sacred donkey, via bathing in baked beans, hula-hooping with a tractor tyre and a vomit tax, among other things... What a blast!
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